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2024 龙年新春联欢团拜会圆满举办




On February 17, 2024, the 108 Health Promotion Association, representing the Chinese community in Newmarket and Aurora, hosted an unprecedented Lunar New Year Gathering. Over 300 individuals gathered with fervor to commemorate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon (Loong) and extend wishes for good fortune and health.

This event stands as the largest and most well-attended in recent years amidst the epidemic. Children joyfully engaged in playful activities, while elders shared hearty laughter, illustrating a scene of unity, harmony, and happiness among overseas Chinese. Participants, whether as volunteers, performers, or spectators, contributed to this collective atmosphere.

Several government officials, including Member of the House of Commons of Canada, Member of Provincial Parliament, Mayor of Newmarket, Deputy Mayor and Regional Councilor of Newmarket,  and Ward Councilor, graced the occasion, sharing in the festivities of traditional Chinese celebrations and igniting enthusiasm for life.

Below, we present a comprehensive view of the grandeur of the 108 Health Promotion Association’s Spring Festival Gathering 2024 from various perspectives.

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